Origin Story

The seeds for Rituals of Love Sanctuary (RLS) were planted back in 2010 after the founder realized that holistic healing was a true panacea for the world and began designing pop-up holistic spaces.

The idea of sanctuary came through the inclusion of sacred ancestral rites in the practice of holism, the social and cultural condemnation of practicing those rites-opinions born from ignorance and/or prejudice, and the recognition for safe spaces needed for those healing practitioners and advocates.

Healing happens in whole spaces and holi- spaces where body, mind, spirit/ physical, mental, etheric are at ease, and in harmony. RLS officially formed in 2017 to curate spaces which inspire healing in wholeness, support sacred holistic ritual practices and the manifestation of many more sanctuaries alike.



Ritualist, sound healer, holistic practitioner, facilitator, and spatial/cultural curator Nephertiti Amen is the momentum behind Rituals of Love Sanctuary. Working tirelessly on the frontlines to breakthrough the oppressive forces against truth and wellbeing, she aims to support a global movement of holistic transformation. 

She is certified through the Holistic Healing & Therapeutics Center under the auspices of renowned traditional healer and naturopath Dr. Llaila Afrika. She is also a dynamic artist, a trained dancer and musician (singer/songwriter) and has been working to refine her platform creating sanctuary and offering ancestral ritual for more than a decade.

"Space is an unlimited resource of changing inter-relational dynamics. A resource where wholeness can be realized and serve as a tool to access the greatest potential in and around us.

Cradled within the wholeness of space we can be the change we wish to see in the world."-Nephertiti Amen

Our Approach & Philosophy

Our Foundational Five!...for creating sanctuary.

  1. Spaces that give more than they take.

  2. Spaces that strengthen communities through engagement in non-separateness and co-creative processes.

  3. Spaces that serve as a platform for sacred technologies and resources that support holistic healing and rituals.

  4. Spaces that initiate the reset of relational dynamics with self and environment.

  5. Spaces that embody the transformations we wish to see in the world.


Spatial Curation

Spatial Curation is a term which refers to the practice of creating a whole space physically, mentally and in the etheric.  The aim of this practice or ritual is to sustain inter-relational harmony within and all around you for the benefit of healing self and other.

Know thyself...

Honor the Spirit

Strengthen the Mind

Nourish the Body