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(Tarot/Divination Reading)

A meditative session which accesses archetype to understand one's relative condition, brings healing affirmation into your daily practices and offers a reset to your spatial agreements. In this conversation, we use divinatory systems such as crystal casting and tarot to provide insight and bring to light dynamic patterns and connections otherwise unseen.


An alchemical tincture is also created for you to use in your future rituals and support continued healing.




Photographer: Tracey Eller



(Sacral/Yoni Steam)

 Sacral steaming is the immersion of the sacrum in concentrated aromatic steam for an extended period of time.   Traditional healing systems teach us that the body is interconnected, and although the practice of sacral steaming focuses on the wellness of the sacrum area it can improve the health of the whole body. The sacrum is comprised of the reproductive system, excretory system and the lowest part of the gastrointestinal system which are lined with epithelial tissue. Epithelium or mucus membrane readily absorbs the liquid molecules of steam and the healing elements quickly effect the body. The protective mucous membranes are soothed, muscles are toned, blood circulation is stimulated, as well as tension and discomfort are eased. The sacrum represents our life’s foundation (birth and early childhood, our primal urges) and the practice of steaming is a way to reconnect our mind to our body.  This ritual cleanses, nourishes and can initiate the process of healing by honoring the most sacred parts of ourselves. Steaming regularly is a simple and inexpensive way to deepen both your wellness and spiritual journeys.


This experience also includes a guided meditation, sound and foot baths as well as a tea and snack spread.


30 min: $55/ 60min: $75

Photographer & Artist: Joy Monroe


-Those currently on their monthly cycles

-Those with open sores on vagina, perineum or anal areas

-Those with active STIs/STDs 

-Those currently pregnant in trimester 1 or 2

-Those who have had surgeries of the pelvic region within last 6 weeks

-Those under the age of 18 (without guidance)

As a precaution: Steaming is generally safe for everyone but of course direct contact of steam can burn and too much of any one thing is not a healthful practice. Be mindful.

Pregnant woman in park. Using sling wrap

Wrapped in Sacredness

(Belly Wrapping)

Belly wrapping is an ancient and intuitive practice that has been especially invoked by  pregnant and postpartum women to support and nourish the sacral energy centers of the body.  It can also sublimate negative associations around this part of the body which notoriously  holds trauma and dis-ease. This is a holistic practice that aims to remind the self that it is  whole and holds the tools it needs to heal and come back into homeostasis, rather than to be  the healing agent itself. While belly wrapping is an incredibly beneficial practice alone, it can  be paired with other holistic practices such as sacral steaming and the use of womb oils with much added benefit.


This is a ritual of wrapping the sacrum and womb spaces in organic fabric, over warming oils, thus relieving pain and adding beauty.  Each one teach one! As you are being wrapped  you can also learn the method and share it to generations of birthing mothers in your community. 


Apart of this experience we create a birthing ritual together that includes the belly wrap, belly beads and affirmation in preparation for your postpartum phase.


$160 (includes cost of belly wrap,

belly beads & womb oil)