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Sacred Birth Education

Babies! Babies! Babies!

Ever wondered about special rituals that can celebrate the new life of your little one as our ancestors did? Have you ever considered that those practices  may not only support the sacred space around your new baby, but also the sacred space that is you and your postpartum process too? 

Come join us in the Community Birth Circle March 7th, 2021 at 4:30pm EST hosted by Springfield Family Doulas and Springfield Birth Options where we will talk about the birth experience from our local Springfield, MA Midwives and hear about sacred practices like belly wrapping, vaginal steaming and cannabis use from Holistic Practitioner Nephertiti Amen.

This is an online event, please register before date of event for access information.  

We look forward to connecting with you in the circle!



April 22, 2020

This past virtual gathering was a sacred and intentional time to share in the idea of creating sanctuary and connecting with sacredness in a time of avid social and physical distancing.

We should never be without community, the experience of community is a sacred,  potent medicine.

Hosted by: Christian Love

IG: @nutritional_joy @aknabeauty


Nephertiti Amen (founder)

IG: @nephertitiamen @youaresacredhere

{Private Event - No photos}


November 4, 2019

In honor of our ancestors, we collaborated with Hartford based holistic center SocaRobix U to offer a sacred night like no other! 

A gathering of spirits to celebrate the revealing of whats under the masks we walk with, unveiling underneath our true indigenous selves in full power and beauty.  We heal when we are truly seen.

In collaboration with:  SocaRobix U

IG: @socarobix_u



September 2017

This past event was a night of celebration in honor of the sacred sensual energies within and around our healing spaces.  This night was free of judgement, safe from taboo, journeying into the holy erotic places at the root of creation.

Euphoria is expressed by the form of these holy erotic places and can shift us into a state of sacred oneness, into healing.

Into wholeness.

Hosted by: Mishka Viscardi

IG: @ntyr.kid  @ravyn.walks


Corinne Cascioppo

IG: @Corinnecy


Nephertiti Amen (founder)

IG: @nephertitiamen  @youaresacredhere