An introduction to the Science of Divination

The ancestors understood that the rhythms of energetic entities and realities imprint them

selves on the cosmic and natural environment around us.

Everyday we face new experiences that transform us into more refined versions of ourselves. Our parents and our personalized obstacles teach us ways to respond to and integrate these new and potentially traumatic moments, though sometimes we seek deeper insight.

The ancient science of divination was developed as a way to decode profound messages and receive inspiration from the world around us.

Divination is a self-love ritual that helps one to seek answers from within. It requires no religious affiliation, emotional commitment, or spiritual aspiration. All it asks of us is to seek knowledge of self.

Reading from a spiritual tome, such as the Bible or Qu'ran, in search of answers in a difficult moment is a form of divination...

Consulting horoscopes about compatibly of a relationship is form of divination...

Being counseled on the meaning of your dreams is a form of divination...

More traditional forms of divination include reading patterns on the body, interpreting the positions of the stars and casting talismans.

The ritual of divination is a simple way to deepen your self-love practice by means of archetypal patterned reflection. It also commands our minds to make connections in abstractions, which leads to the expansion of our cognitive abilities.

A Reflection:

*What are some other ways you have sought deeper insight in your life when you don't have a friend or family member around?

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