A conversation about The Sacred Woman

There are so many misconceptions we have about menstruation, pregnancy, birth, and raising children...especially in the indigenous/aboriginal communities as we have been separated from our cultures. In this conversation we are pressing rewind to relearn and remind ourselves of who we are, how we are...who our ancestors were and how they brought forth children into the world and honored the Sacred Feminine.

Jharna Ahmai (@jharnaahmai @rivervalleymidwives), a renowned midwife who has been responsible for the home births of hundreds of healthy babies in the Massachusetts Pioneer Valley area, joins us in this conversation to answer some juicy questions surrounding women's spiritual and physical health, birth and birth care. Topics of conversation range from sex safety during pregnancy, traditional spiritual practices around menstruation/moon cycle to cannabis use during pregnancy and postpartum care and much more!

If this video inspires you to support creating holistic and sacred spaces for women's health and birthing care please consider donating to our Sacred Birth Fund (under our Ecosystems page). To request more info please contact us!

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