Burning incense is a powerful ritual.

Our ancestors practiced the ritual art of suffumigation which we do today in some form when we burn incense.

Their incense comprised of organic material, usually resin and/or dried herbs, roots, flowers burned with the intention of ritual purification of the space, invocation of spiritual energies and making offerings.

They understood that of the five senses, the sense of smell most intensely stimulated the major centers of the brain and therefore was a major catalyst to the micro- and macro-cosmic energies of our universe from within.

By intentionally combining the elements, the sense of smell, and the nature of the cosmos the ritual of olfactory-based (smell) transcendence begins.

Clouds of smoke invoke new dynamics in the world around us, settling chaos and helping it make sense. Imagine soothing anxiety and depression with aroma instead of pharmaceutical drugs, simplicity at its best.

Burning incense is a simple yet uplifting practice we can include in our everyday lives without much effort and offers tons of benefit for the well-being of self and others.

To practice this ritual, you need a few things and a little time. To begin, first select one or several herbs/resins or a cone of already crafted incense you wish to burn. It is strongly suggested that you select an incense that speaks to you, meaning one that immediately impacts you in a positive way when you smell it. If you are burning loose herbs or a cone rather than a stick you may also need to have a piece of self -igniting charcoal available.

Once you have selected the incense of your choice, using an old ceramic dish, ashtray or coin (if your cone can balance) light your incense (or ignite your charcoal and then place the organic material on top).

As the smoke rises, fan as much smoke as you are comfortable with towards you immersing yourself in the cloud and inhaling deeply. Breathe in calmness, peace, healing and exhale tiredness, sickness and stress. Setting a positive intention, giving thanks for the moment, or saying a prayer is also a good practice while the incense is burning. It is said that the smoke carries your prayers up to the heavens...

Organic, coal-free incense in the likeness of the ancient practice is best for this ritual. Burning pure incense instead of a cheap store knock-off inspires a healthier experience for your body and natural environment as well as inspire results with a deeper impact. You can purchase beautiful handcrafted incenses online or at local health shop in your community.

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