An Excerpt on Sacred Space

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

By Nephertiti Amen

“The molds of life rest within self.

Speak to them everyday, speak with them everyday and recognize them,

and speak to the ancestors,

and speak to the landscape,

for it too has grown so near to you, and it it hears you and your every word;

and speak to that which projects life up through the earth’s core,

and that which reaches down from the cosmic heavens.

For these are beings too.

And when I say being,

I pay homage to the rhythm and power of my self

to the witnessing emanations of The Greater Self.

To the face of The Beloved,

to the mystic of the universe who plays the primordial game.

It is electric and magnetic, concentrated potential

that comes from the being who is and who is all. “

Everyday we have the opportunity to open our eyes, but when do we truly awaken?

Space is what catalyzes us through this process, bridging us to a reality that only that self, that being can experience. Through space we are informed about what is meeting us there in that experience and what is available to us as we continue unfolding in this process. And if we cannot see this, the renewal of space encourages us to keep looking.

Within our relational dynamics with self, partner, community, and the Greater Self we are molded by these forms of space. Space itself is a ‘being’ too, for it is…has centers and boundaries, as all bodies and beings.

What makes up the “being of space”?

~The FACE~ 3 + 7 + 3 (divination + The Science)

~The physical = 7

~The mental/emotional & spiritual/etheric

What are the agreements we make to step into its form?

A movement of holistic intention deepens into a conversation that evolves into developing a framework for creating new agreements and becoming apart (-unfolding..Ritualized Contemplation “the circle to spiral”-) of this co-creative process (“stepping into form”).

Agreements to be danced by life, rather than survived by it and simultaneously offer that possibility to another.

A healing.

We demystify the acts of transformation by our participation in them.

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