Sacred Womb Kit + Belly Beads

Sacred Womb Kit + Belly Beads

This is a beautiful combination of bellywrap, womb oil and crystal belly beads that promote self love and sacral healing.  This kit includes a 15-yard muslin bellywrap that is dyed with organic color for added beauty and beautiful belly and/or waist beads that match the wrap almost too perfectly.  It also includes a wildcrafted bottle of warming womb oil made with cold pressed hemp oil, coconut oil, pine resin and bay leaf.  You can select from the list of herbs below as an additional support to your sacral.


Please allow up to 3 weeks for shipping as these items are handcrafted and created!

  • Caring for your kit

    Womb oil will last up to a year if refrigerated between uses.  Wrap should be washed on delicate or hand washed and hung to dry.