The Diviner's Tool

The Diviner's Tool

The Diviner's Tool is an intuitive design inspired by ancient technological wisdom with the cultivation of your sacred experience in mind.   It is complete when coupled with a divinitory practice such as spatial divination.  


Spatial divination represents a divinely guided conversation which seeks understanding through archetypal correspondance.  Archetypal correspondance relates to geometical equality, or the relational agreement between divine paradigm and its reflection.  The dynamic nature of this relationship is built within the bridge of space witnessed in between.  This bridge of space is a physical and metaphysical bridge of space which s the host of creative potential where the greater truth can emerge.


Spatial divination allows us the participation in resetting the dynmaics of living in right relation with the paradigma of self and other.  It helps to inform our approach to space and how we relate in it. It offers a sacred platform from which we can identify and develop agreements of sanctuary.



-18" x 18" Tabletop Divination Board w/ Stand

-Crystal & Copper Pendulum

-13 Crystal talismans

-4 Diviner's cards


Design in special collaboration: Copper Pendulum created by Black Stone Alchemy Handmade Jewelry Designer


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