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If you feel called to support Rituals of Love Sanctuary's effort in developing a fund for Indigenous/Aboriginal, mother's of color to prepare for a sacred birth and postpartum experience please consider donating funds (no amount too little!).  These funds will help to cover the costs of: home birth, and prenatal/postnatal care including holistic medicines, modalities and birth education including information and supportive options around cannabis use (true informed choice).

Average of expenses per mother:

..home birth: $4500

..monthly pre/postnatal care: $300

Donations amounting to $10,000-$12,000 a year can:

  • Help cover $1500 towards home birth (4 families annually)

  • Cover 50hrs of Doula Services

  • Pay for 10 sessions of pain management services (acupuncture, massage, etc.)

  • Cover 20 vouchers ($50 each)  towards supplements, herbs and medication

  • Cover 5 postpartum vouchers ($200 each) groceries/food delivery

  • Cover 4 postpartum vouchers ($300) for families experiencing financial hardships

  • Cover cost of 2 steamers & 4 wrap kits for low income families with postpartum mothers

-Cash App:     $youaresacredhere

-Venmo:  @Nephertiti-Amen 

        -Paypal: Nephertitiamen@gmail.com 

For questions or to get involved please contact nephertiti@myritualsoflove.com